Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Eye on the Street Winners: Darran Roper

Director’s Choice winner Darran Roper has a keen eye for detail and observation. His winning image, Without Others #2, is an excellent street portrait that takes in a moment, a held gaze, for a fraction of a second. A fleeting glance, a celebratory pose, moments that others may take for granted are captured by Roper to create his simple, yet intriguing images of life on the street.
Without Others #2
Roper resides in Reading, England where he is a web developer/programmer by trade; Roper has an affinity for the design side of developing that is not shared by many of his colleagues. He finds the ability to solve problems creatively, relying not just on logic alone, influences his photography. Street photography requires the ability to see and make sense of harmonious compositions in an instant. This attention to minutiae compelled Roper to bring his camera along on his daily excursions and begin to explore the realm of street photography. 
I started taking pictures in public of anything that interested me. This led to me learning about street photography and the unbelievably expansive genre that had been there all this time. […] It isn’t easy to be receptive to [life] unfolding, but that is the very reason why it is such a worthwhile exploit.
As he became more familiar with the genre, Roper concluded that this was the style in which he wanted to express himself. The excitement that anything could be a great photograph limited only by his eye, timing, and judgment. His artistic satisfaction comes from documenting the world’s stage as it occurs; finding that perfect image or situation, and being, “moved by something, to be able to watch and predict what might happen, but not to dictate it.” He finds success in continuing to produce work to be proud of while simultaneously pushing in a new direction.
Complete with a Purse
As an artist, Roper strives for the same successes that many others do, It is rewarding to have others view and appreciate the photographs, to have them accepted into exhibitions and competitions encourages him to pursue photography.  And someday, “Having enough good work to publish a book. Well, that would be what any photographer might hope for.”
The Way Out
Eye on the Street is on view through September 28, 2013. To view more work from the exhibition, visit www.kiernangallery.com.

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